Cold Calling for Real Estate Listings

Many real estate agents today expect that cold calling would be a huge waste of lead generation time and money. Everyone has come across the many articles online that say “cold calling is dead” and how you should never make another cold call again. The number of real estate agents and companies that use cold call prospecting continue to decline each year which leaves a great opportunity for you to take advantage of.

Cold calling remains the most valuable way of filling your client database and increasing your number of listings. Statistics show that if you just randomly called 209 people to ask if they are looking to buy/sell at least 1 of them will set an appointment. Unfortunately it takes about 6 hours to talk to 209 people due to all of the unanswered or disconnected numbers. No real estate agent has 6 hours a day to dedicate to cold call prospecting.

The good news is that by using our real estate lead generation service you won’t have to worry about finding the time to cold call but can still reap the benefits of getting appointments with new clients. You just provide us your appointment schedule and the geographic locations to call and we will take care of the rest.

How Does Lead Generation Work?

Our professional real estate telemarketers will call the potential prospects in your area to see if they are in the market of buying or selling. Once the agent is on the phone with an interested customer they will then transition their conversation to schedule an appointment with you. The calling script will be tailored to exactly what you are looking for so you are not wasting time with people that can’t use your services.

Sample Cold Calling Script:

“Hello, Good morning/afternoon, is this ______?”

“Hi! My name is ______ and I’m a real estate expert for ________ community….. I am sure you are busy now so I will make this quick!”

“If you haven’t noticed there’s been a lot of buying activity in your neighborhood recently, and I thought I’d give you a call to see if you’ve given any thought to selling?”

“If No = Do you think you will ever be in the market for a new house?”

“If you have sometime this week we can stop by to give you a list of comparable sales in your area so you have an idea about the value of your home. Is this something you would be interested in looking over?”

“Great! What day works best for you?”

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