Digital Marketing: Bringing Your Company Into The Modern Era

Digital Marketing when done properly, is a powerful tool to attract more attention to your business, no matter the industry. With technology moving the way it is, the internet is easily accessible in numerous places around the world, with some places even having easy access to a 5G connection. Just like how traditional marketing had ads plastered on billboards, magazines, newspapers, bus stops, and other physical mediums, digital marketing raises awareness in the digital landscape.

Digital Marketing Team

The team to help bring your company to the public’s eye will all depend on the budget you have. Of course, you could always hire remote staff in another country in order to save money and build out a full team, but you can always just start with the basics.

Technically if you’re just starting out you could get a Digital Marketing Manager and have them be a jack of all trades to start. If you want to start off the right way but still on a budget, you could consider a digital marketing manager, a social media manager, a content writer, and a multimedia specialist.

A marketing manager can handle all of the budgeting, planning, coordinating, and implementation of all non-social media-related tasks. If someone is qualified for the position, they would have had experience with advertising at some point and could also run ads in place of an ads manager. As the head of the team, they would be responsible for making sure everyone performs as needed.

A social media manager would obviously handle the social media.. They would oversee the successful use of these various platforms to engage with your customer base while simultaneously building loyalty for your brand. Depending on who you hire, they could handle multiple social media accounts at the same time, but will also recommend which channels your style of business is better suited for.

Content writers create text to attract customers as well as to implement SEO tactics. With proper SEO tactics, the content should be creative, informative, and attractive to the Google bots. These writers can be used to write the ads (although a copywriter would be better), the social media posts, essentially all of the written content, while the managers just edit and approve it. Do take note that there is a difference between content writing and copywriting where content writers focus on informative text while copywriters focus on the more sales-oriented text.

In order to save some of the budget for the marketing department, it is better to hire a multimedia specialist, who can do all forms of media. These specialists can do both video and graphic content. This means they can do video edits while simultaneously being able to create 2d designs while being able to edit. In some cases, you can also get someone who has experience with videography as well as photography and have a one-stop-shop for multimedia needs.

Once your company grows you might want to invest in an actual ads manager. This person will solely be responsible for the success of ad campaigns. These paid ads generally get more clicks as they are more accessible to their audience, for example, Google ads appear even before the number 1 SEO result for a search. These pay-per-click ads must be managed by someone with experience as an error may cost your company money.

If your company can spare a web developer, preferably a full stack developer, then you won’t have to hire one to help out. In most cases, fleshed-out digital marketing teams have their own dedicated developer in order to help out with any website edits or any maintenance in the event of a crash. Having a central hub for all ads to link back to is important.

Benefits Of A Dedicated Team

The internet is the single biggest reason businesses need a marketing team. Can you even imagine a world where you can’t pull out a phone or sit down in front of a computer and search for something you want or need? The internet has become ingrained into our daily lives, so much so, that the term “Googling” has become synonymous with searching for information, not only on Google’s search engine but just the act of looking something up.

With this shift, the way people go about their daily lives also changes. People used to wake up and read the morning newspaper, but with phones, tablets, and media devices so readily available, most people just consume content digitally. This is where digital marketers come into play. Digital marketers will find your target audience, ensuring that the content is tailored to your intended demographic. This, of course, is in combination with the values of your company.

While content is targeted toward specific audiences, it will always stay true to your company branding. This means if you’re a serious no-frills company, your content won’t include bits of comedy, or at least it will exclude any type of comedy that doesn’t fit the company image.

Digital marketing teams can also switch over to more traditional marketing channels. Designs that work on the digital landscape can be edited to work on billboards and posters, promotional events can be organized and held to bring more awareness to the product or service being offered.

The Wrap Up

Having a digital marketing team is necessary when competing for clients in your industry. If you don’t have a team-up, you’re missing out on a wide range of clients that your competitors are attracting. A barebones team for people that want to try out a marketing team would only consist of 4 people, including a digital marketing manager, a social media manager, a content writer, and a multimedia specialist. Any other position listed can be added as your company grows, but those are the ones you would need to be successful as you start.

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