Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator

Our transaction coordinator service provides our clients with assigned professionals that handle all of the details of their real estate transactions to ensure a smooth and successful closing. Our coordinators combine their exceptional organization skills with their advanced knowledge of the real estate industry to closely monitor each stage of the buying/selling process to guarantee nothing is overlooked.

The long lists of tasks we perform as transaction coordinators include everything from verifying document signatures and initials to establishing escrow accounts for buyers and reminding real estate agents of upcoming deadlines for their transactions. We handle all of the administrative tasks so our clients have increased time to spend prospecting and working with their customers.

Here are some core activities our real estate transaction coordinators perform:
  • Verifies contracts and other documents contain all required signatures and initials.
  • Verifies contracts include all of the necessary appendices.?
  • Handles all of the commission disbursement forms related to our client’s deals.
  • Opens escrow files.
  • Opens and updates title searches.
  • Makes copies of contracts and sends them to the other agent, buyer, seller, and lender.
  • Creates project sheets that contain all parties’ contact information, the property address, and property photo.
  • Creates Web-based transaction management or CRM files that have secure access for our client and their customers to monitor the entire transaction.
  • Uploads to the CRM all related documents for shared viewing
  • Sends deadline reminders as needed throughout the transaction
  • Follows up with the escrow company, lender, and other agents as needed. Keeps client informed of all updates and communications.
  • Sends weekly emails that summarize the status of all transactions and advising our client of upcoming deadlines.
  • Requests estimated HUD-1 statements for our clients to review.
  • Follows up with the escrow or title company on the closing day.
  • Sends reminders to remove lock boxes, obtain seller’s forwarding address, and change status in MLS to “sold” at closing.
  • Reminds our clients to touch base with their former customers thirty days after closing.

Costs Breakdown

Per Transaction:

We have flat rates for our real estate transaction coordinator service that takes into consideration the number of man-hours it would take to complete the transaction. Every transaction is different in regards to the number of parties involved, the complexity of the sale requirements amongst a number of other things. In general, we charge $9/hr for our basic real estate transaction coordinator service that takes care of everything involved in managing the transaction process from contract to close, it is an extremely rare occasion that the hourly rate would be any higher. Based on the client’s initial requirements, we are able to convert this $9/hr to a flat rate that covers the whole transaction process which will not change without receiving any additional unexpected requirements from the client.

Full-time Coordinator:

We also offer assigned personal transaction coordinators for our clients where they can hire a transaction coordinator on a per month basis that will manage all of their current and future transactions and at the same time perform tasks related to virtual assistants. Depending on the additional skills required of the virtual assistant/transaction coordinator it will determine the monthly rate. Rates start at $900 per month to hire the full time employee that we will manage on your behalf.

How it Works

Our real estate transaction coordinators organize all the related documents, appointments, tasks and scheduling through our numerous available transaction management or CRM programs. Our clients have the freedom to choose the way we manage the transaction process for whatever works best for them. Our experienced team ensures our clients accomplish their most important goal during a transaction and that is to have better communication with all parties involved and offer a smooth transaction that results in a successful closing. Our secure cloud-based system keeps accurate records of every detail of the transaction from under contract to close so our clients have everything properly documented for their records.