Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our outsourcing company stemmed from the lead generation and sales management industry, which means our lead generation and appointment setting services have been developed BY sales people FOR salespeople. Our lead generation staff are experts in the language of selling and have the know-how to craft a sales pitch and then professionally deliver it on behalf of our clients, turning general leads into highly qualified prospects, leading to better conversion rates and bigger sales results.

We support our client’s sales team by building contact lists of customers interested in new purchases or new listings. In addition to identifying potential new customers looking for real estate assistance we also assist our clients in reaching out to their existing customers through multiple channels, such as email, social media, and telephone. Using our different resources we are able to accurately gauge interest and assign an appropriate score to the lead which notifies our clients which of their contacts are most likely to become customers.

Our clients seek help with lead generation services because their in-house sales teams are trained and compensated to focus on closing business – not generating new sales leads or managing those old and cold leads. Our main goal for our real estate lead generation campaign is to set face to face appointments for conversations with our client’s sales team.

Costs Breakdown

We have flat monthly rates for our lead generation service that takes into consideration the number of qualified leads or appointments required by our client. Every client is different in regards to the number of employees on their sales team, the complexity of lead requirements (qualifications, face to face appointments or phone leads). In general, we charge $900 per month per telemarketing agent for our basic lead generation service that takes care of calling and generating appointments as well as inputting the information into the CRM. The number of agents required depends on the quantity of leads combined with the qualification filters our clients are looking for.

Basic Lead Generation

Services: CRM

It is extremely simple for our clients to track and monitor their leads using our own CRM database that can be customized to our client’s needs. Our clients can view the current status of their leads at any time along with downloading reports. Some of our clients already have an established CRM so we are able to seamlessly set up a system where their leads are automatically inserted. We ensure that each and every lead is entered and updated on a real-time basis.

Sales Script

We write original sales scripts with key points that have proven to be very productive in creating new prospects for our clients.

How it Works

Our team of expert real estate lead generation professionals would first define the objectives and analyze the short term and long term goals of our client. We will then identify the factors needed of our client’s potential prospects to determine what would be a qualified lead. After identifying the factors of a qualified lead, our experienced telemarketing agents will start scheduling appointments with prospects and inserting them into the CRM for our client to access. This system drastically reduces the sales cycle and allows our clients to be able to gain new customers within a short time. The client’s sales teams only have to concentrate on closing the deal, as we take care of everything else.