Property Management

Property Management

Our team of experienced property managers understands everything involved in taking care of a property and ensure everything is handled properly and on time for our client’s properties. The team is made up of property managers, accountants and real estate administrative experts, working together they quickly tackle all tasks and have the know-how to overcome anything that could possibly arise in managing a property. Managing rent payments, handling property upkeep and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints and even pursuing legal evictions is just the beginning of the list of what our property management outsourcing service accomplishes for our clients.

Our company already has dozens of property management agents managing hundreds of units remotely from our beautifully designed, state-of-the-art outsourcing facility in Clark Airbase, Philippines. And the best part is, your guests never know they are talking to someone in the Philippines!

Property Management Services

Answer and resolve message requests

Our team handles the basic questions about our client’s properties and redirects the more important calls when necessary.

Verifies the rentability of properties

Property managers research the best locations for renting properties. This information is extremely useful for our clients that are looking to buy a new property.

Creates property appraisals

We research and provide appropriate appraisals for our clients on existing or interested properties for either purchase or rent.

Follow-ups on leads

Our team manages our clients leads and follows up when necessary. We also send reminders for callbacks to potential customers.

Manages listings

Using our in-house real estate sales experts we promote our clients listings to best attract buyers. Our team ensures our clients listings on social media, newspapers and websites are accurate and up to date. Property managers can make basic edits to listing descriptions and their photographs.

Tracks competition progress

Our team keeps a close eye on our clients competing properties. We provide updates to our clients when there are any adjustments to price or other changes in the market.

Updates CRM

We provide all the necessary inputs and updates to our clients customer database. Our property managers are efficient in using every type of CRM system.

Accounting support

Our team of accountants provide support for keeping track of our clients expenses by managing all of the bookkeeping, payroll processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and tax reporting requirements for our clients.

Email Management

Our property management team filters our clients email for spam and answers the basic enquiries from customers. We also send emails on our clients behalf for simple things like welcoming new tenants, tenant checklists and lease expiration notices. Our administrative professionals draft other types of email correspondence upon direction of our clients.

Calendar Management

Our clients never miss an appointment or deadline. Property managers take care of all the scheduling of viewings and other important meetings so nothing is double booked or forgotten.

Reports Management

Our team handles all of the necessary monthly, quarterly and yearly reports for our clients. Our databases save all of the statistics like collected rent, insurance information, inspection records, maintenance work done etc. so we can quickly and accurately generate any type of report needed.

How Much Does This Cost?

The average price for a remote Airbnb manager is around $1000 per month. The property management agent in the Philippines can expect to earn anywhere from $400 to $800 per month depending on their level of experience and workload they handle. Our company charges an additional management and infrastructure fee between $200 to $500 depending on tiered level of hire.