Managing Your Real Estate Investments With a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have become a much needed commodity for real estate professionals at all levels. People relatively new to the real estate industry usually do not have the necessary cash to hire a full time property manager. Real estate investors that have multiple properties in multiple locations just do not have enough time in the day to handle everything. Regardless of how big your real estate portfolio is a virtual assistant can definitely benefit you.

One of the first things that should come to your mind about hiring a virtual assistant is the savings. Besides the fact that virtual assistants have cheaper salaries than on-site staff you also don’t need to provide them a space to work out of. Saving you time from managing an employee or doing the mundane tasks yourself is priceless. You should being focusing all of your time on growing your real estate portfolio and leave the property management responsibilities to an outsourcing company like RealtyOutsourcing.

By taken advantage of today’s technology there is literally no limit to what types of processes you can outsource to a virtual assistant. Obviously they can not physically open the door to your property but that is not something YOU need to worry about. Outsourcing property management to a virtual assistant relieves you from worrying about the little things but still gives you the confidence your investments are in good hands. Still unsure of how beneficial a virtual assistant could be for you? Here are some ideas on how you can utilize a virtual assistant:

Common Tasks for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  • Managing Tenant Relationships. We have all experienced those “needy” tenants that are constantly calling needing help for something. When you hire a virtual assistant you no longer have to worry about your phone ringing a million times in the middle of the night. Virtual assistants have excellent customer service skills and are available to provide assistance to your tenants 24 hours a day.
  • Marketing Campaigns. Get your listings and buying packets created by a virtual assistant. They can also write blog posts to advertise your properties as well as perform email campaigns. In addition to lead creation virtual assistants can manage all of your social media platforms for your real estate company.
  • Property Management. Real estate properties are constantly needing maintenance and repairs. Virtual assistants will schedule everything needed and maintain a database for each of your properties. In fact, virtual assistants are perfect for data entry tasks like tenant background checks and MLS inputs. Gone are the days of losing track of tenants payments and all other information needed to file your taxes.
  • Personal Secretary. I am sure you have a ton of emails that your virtual assistant can filter through and respond when necessary. Scheduling meetings and managing your different calendars will come as second nature to them. All of your different bookkeeping needs can be handled by your virtual assistant. Everybody needs someone to help stay on budget and provide feedback on operating costs and overhead expenses.

Managing Your Real Estate Investments With a Virtual Assistant

There is no doubt that hiring a real estate virtual assistant will provide you tremendous benefits. As your real estate portfolio starts to grow you will at some point not have enough time to do everything. If you have any intention of hiring help I highly suggest you look into virtual assistants before searching locally.

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