Streamline Airbnb Management Processes Through Outsourcing

Your property is perfectly furnished and your Airbnb page is awesome with super attractive amenities and pictures. If you have been using Airbnb for sometime then you know that getting all that stuff setup is actually the easiest part about renting out your home. Others will not realize the massive amounts of time and energy that go into just managing the Airbnb account. Growing a steady, passive income is just not possible unless you are outsourcing most of the property management and customer service stuff that comes with running an Airbnb listing.

Contrary to popular belief, managing an Airbnb property can consume as much time as a full-time job once the bookings really start rolling in. Obviously this is not going to quite mesh with your plan of getting passive income. You should have a primary goal of streamlining as many property management tasks as possible to free up your time for more productive things like growing your Airbnb portfolio.

Streamline These Airbnb Management Tasks

  • Listings Management. Outsourcing your listing work not only saves time but will also increase revenue. Getting professional pictures posted along with an accurate description and a precise calendar will result in your property being continuously booked. Adjusting prices depending on the season, number of inquiries, popularity and other factors will maximize earnings.
  • Cleaning Service. This may sound easy and straightforward but it is actually very time consuming. I am not only talking about the physical act of cleaning but more importantly managing the arrangement of when cleaning should be conducted. Having a fully booked Airbnb profile with multiple short-term stays can have managing the cleaning schedule a full-time job in itself. Outsourcing the entire cleaning process prevents missed cleanings that will no doubt lead to bad reviews and booking cancellations.
  • Guest Turnover. Your entire check-in and check-out process could easily be streamlined to support as many tenants as possible. To maximize your Airbnb ratings you need to allow guests the ability to check-in/check-out whenever they prefer. Imagine the number of hours that could be wasted by waiting around all night for an uncontactable guest. An outsourcing company will be the one responsible for handling these nightmare scenarios, managing the keys and ensuring all the amenities are readily available for your guests.
  • Customer Service. One of the quickest ways to lose a potential guest and get a bad rating is by not being available around the clock. I know it sounds unfair but this why it is essential to outsource some of these tasks if you are looking to start earning passive income. It is inevitable that middle of the night inquiries, bookings or emergency maintenance requirements will occur regularly with a popular Airbnb listing. Customer service requires a full time commitment that only by outsourcing can you accomplish.
  • Property Management. Staying on the same page as outsourcing customer service is outsourcing your property maintenance management as well. A lot of the needed repairs are going to be first reported by your guests so this only makes sense. Unplanned repairs are one thing but there are also many items around the home that need have scheduled maintenance at regular intervals to operate properly. All maintenance related responsibilities should be put in the hands of a reliable property management outsourcing company.

The easiest way to streamline all of this is to hire one specific outsourcing company to take care of all of your Airbnb processes. You literally just hand them the keys then sit back and watch your passive income roll in. Another option to streamline your Airbnb management tasks is to build your own team of individuals to handle each process. This will require some time initially to put everything in place but after that should run on auto-pilot. If you are managing multiple Airbnb listings than I highly suggest you outsource your Airbnb management tasks.

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