How Virtual Tours Can Improve Your Property Listings

Woman wearing VR glasses inside the office.Real Estate office.

In this digital age, everything you need can be found on the internet. From small businesses to high-end companies, products and services can be accessed with the help of the virtual world. For the real estate industry, selling properties can be leveled-up through a form of marketing that allows a unique user experience for folks looking for a hassle-free tour. This is called “Virtual Tours”.

Virtual tours are a more personalized way for real estate companies to bring the property closer to the customer, especially if they are not willing to travel just to see a model building.

Eye Candy

Thanks to the high-quality rendering of images and videos like this 360-degree tour from, if made creatively and realistically enough, your virtual tour can get the attention it deserves. Some realtors also add some narration and sound effects to stimulate that whole virtual experience.

Time Saving and Affordability

If you’re an agent with a hectic schedule and can’t afford to travel back and forth between properties to do photoshoots and take videos, then you should definitely consider making a virtual tour. Aside from saving time and money, you’ll be able to put your property listings in one location.

This also gives you more options since you can showcase the different amenities of each listing through multiple virtual tours. This allows your buyers to browse them in a matter of minutes.

From Imagination to Reality

Seeing information visually is more likely to make an impact on a person when compared to written or spoken content. When you create a virtual tour for your potential buyers, they can refer back to your tour if they need help with the description or some of the spaces they need on their list. This will allow you to help them make their decision faster, meaning closing more deals.

3d rendering. Interior house modern open living space with kitchen.Luxury modern style Duplex apartment residence.Home decoration luxury interior design.

When creating your virtual tour, you can customize each property from the exterior to the interior (of course, with a little help from designers!). You can showcase the floorplan, what furniture is included, nearby establishments/landmarks, benefits, and pricing. Make sure your potential buyers have the option to zoom into some of the hard-to-reach spaces as this is a crucial detail to miss. Remember, you need to convince them to buy the whole property, so it’s better to give them the full 360°.

Increases website traffic and customers

Since almost every person on the planet is on the internet, there is no doubt your virtual tour will get at least 10 views even without promotion. Placing a virtual tour on your website can increase SEO value and help increase your ranking in search results when people do their research online.  If your video is engaging enough to keep potential buyers on your site, then this will drive more traffic, and visibility, and generate more leads.

Couple shaking hands with a real estate agent at home

Double the interest

Presenting virtual tours to potential customers is a great tool, especially for real estate agents and businessmen. Not only does this provide everything you need to know about a property, but it also gives benefits to the realtor’s website and the buyer’s experience that all lead to the improvement of selling property listings. You’ve already saved on costs through minimizing marketing expenses; now it’s time to wait for that higher return on investment.


Virtual tours provide a more meaningful customer experience. Your goal as a real estate agent who wants to close deals as much as possible is to give a unique feel to the virtual tour. It’s a service that customers can appreciate and companies can capitalize on – a win-win situation really.

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