Why Are Real Estate Companies Outsourcing to the Philippines

It’s important for real estate companies to streamline their processes and make more sales in order to grow. This is even more critical for small to mid-sized businesses. In order to have the time to do this, backend processes need to be delegated so all critical staff can focus on their main goal.For example, Sales Agents need to focus on closing deals and not be bogged down with backend tasks that someone could easily do. Many real estate companies turn to outsource to the Philippines in order to complete such tasks. The main reason these companies outsource is to save both time and money, this is accomplished by gaining access to qualified professional help.

Price Point

With any of the positions you might need, hiring remote staff from the Philippines guarantees a lower price point. Depending on the position required, savings can be upwards of 50% when compared to hiring in-office staff.

This price point doesn’t only benefit businesses when hiring, by proxy it also lessens the financial cost of attrition. This is usually the first consideration when thinking of outsourcing but it isn’t the only important deciding factor.

Time Saved

The other big benefit of outsourcing work, no matter the location, is the time saved. For anyone who’s done sales, it is much faster to call warm leads as opposed to cold calling. You have a higher chance to close deals when the party you’re calling is actually interested in your product or service.

The argument against using leads generated by other people is usually their reliability. This changes with remote lead generators, as these professionals will be working as part of your company. They are more inclined to give sales qualified leads, as the company’s success means their success.

Staff Assimilation

While lightly touched on in the section above, another benefit of outsourcing to the Philippines is the way the staff function. Your chosen remote staff will be part of your company, meaning they will be exposed to and become part of your company culture. These aren’t freelancers that won’t care about the job after their work is turned in, these are people who will grow with your company for as long as you have them. Essentially, these remote staff members are long-term employees that don’t work in your office every day.

Virtual Assistants

One of the most commonly outsourced positions in the real estate industry would be assistants, or in the case of remote hires, virtual assistants. Their primary role is to help keep you organized by scheduling appointments, making and taking calls, arranging travel, and managing online documents, forms, and CRMs. 

The real benefit of hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines is their experience and ability to do other tasks. It’s normal for VAs from the Philippines to do specialized tasks such as graphic design and lead generation. In the event that your VA is finished with their current workload and you have more backend tasks, you can always teach them how to do it and pass it over to them.

Other Common Roles to Outsource

Anything that can be done from a computer can be outsourced to a full-service BPO. Of course, there will be some roles that are offered that won’t benefit real estate businesses, but there are plenty that will.

  • Developers

Developers are usually outsourced by real estate companies when they want to step up their websites. By having a dedicated developer update and maintain their site, you are guaranteed to have someone to troubleshoot any problems your site may encounter. Quick changes and edits can also be made with a developer.

  • Lead Generation Specialists

As mentioned in a previous example, lead generation specialists can also be useful if you don’t have any yet. Your company’s success depends on how many deals your sales staff can close, and with warm leads cutting the time needed to close deals, hiring lead generation specialists effectively speeds up the process of generating income.

  • Marketing

At any point, if you’d like to step up your marketing efforts, you can also outsource your entire marketing department. Building out a team would be as easy as requesting a digital marketing manager, a graphic designer, a social media manager, and maybe a content writer. You would have a fully functioning digital marketing team for a fraction of the cost and have the option to hire people with more experience.

The Wrap Up

Business owners in the real estate space have figured out that by outsourcing certain positions to the Philippines, they can find the talent they need to grow their business at prices that allow them to grow their bottom line. The professionals hired this way end up being more loyal than just hiring a freelancer as they also have a stake in your company. While virtual assistants are the most commonly hired position, don’t let that stop you from contacting full-service BPOs in order to inquire about how they can help you with those hard-to-fill positions.

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